Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Listaversary!

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of our official addition to CHI's waiting list. You may remember that when we started we were #96. We're now #7. The view is much brighter from here, but we are now so close to getting our referral that we're a little on edge. The current wait time for infant girls is 12-14 months, and now we are there! We're trying to keep distracted this summer with camp and vacations... but every time the phone rings I jump a little bit!

I spent our "listaversary" morning in "Sissy"'s room with Zachary, cleaning out the piles of stuff that has gotten dumped in there over the past two years. After a few hours, the room got completely cleared and now really just contains the changing table/dresser, rocking chair, and futon. We're hoping that the universe will pick up the "ready for a baby" vibes that the room is now emitting and that our Caller ID will read "CHI" very soon!


McMel said...

you've come a long way!! so close! here's hoping you'll have your sweet baby girl before Christmas!

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