Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Play Date Forever

At least ten times a day, Zachary makes a reference to "Sissy" - either "Sissy would like this toy" or "I want to buy this for Sissy" or "Do you think Sissy will like SpongeBob?" You get the idea.

Amidst that sweetness, sometimes he takes it to the "n"th power. Like tonight, at dinner, when out of nowhere, he declared "When my sister gets here, it'll be like a play date forever!"

It's definitely become clear in all of our years of trying to expand our family that aside from wanting to parent again, we wanted Zac to know the joys, aggravations, and bond of having a sibling. We won't tell him just yet that it's not always like a play date - though, maybe it will be!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have had a horrible cold and sinus infection for at least three weeks. I now have purchased and used every level of cold remedy. Expectorant. Decongestant. Expectorant plus decongestant. Expectorant plus decongestant plus antihistamine. Expectorant plus decongestant plus antihistamine plus fever reducer. Some I have in both pill and liquid form. One that my doctor prescribed made my cough worse. Oh, plus two different antibiotics. I'm thinking I am finally turning the corner on this cold and will actually be well one day in the near future. Though I probably just jinxed it.

When I was a kid, the only cough medicine I remember ever taking was Cheracol, which is a prescription. It was cherry flavored, and it was kept way up high in a kitchen cabinet. I think we used the same bottle for my entire 18 years in that house. I just looked it up online - it was guaifenisin plus codeine. That's a little scary. Between that and the "witch's brew" we were given for fevers (two baby aspirins crushed between spoons and then mixed, in one of the spoons, with water - you can imagine how delicious that tasted), it's a wonder that none of us have any apparent brain damage. But, life was simpler then.