Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have had a horrible cold and sinus infection for at least three weeks. I now have purchased and used every level of cold remedy. Expectorant. Decongestant. Expectorant plus decongestant. Expectorant plus decongestant plus antihistamine. Expectorant plus decongestant plus antihistamine plus fever reducer. Some I have in both pill and liquid form. One that my doctor prescribed made my cough worse. Oh, plus two different antibiotics. I'm thinking I am finally turning the corner on this cold and will actually be well one day in the near future. Though I probably just jinxed it.

When I was a kid, the only cough medicine I remember ever taking was Cheracol, which is a prescription. It was cherry flavored, and it was kept way up high in a kitchen cabinet. I think we used the same bottle for my entire 18 years in that house. I just looked it up online - it was guaifenisin plus codeine. That's a little scary. Between that and the "witch's brew" we were given for fevers (two baby aspirins crushed between spoons and then mixed, in one of the spoons, with water - you can imagine how delicious that tasted), it's a wonder that none of us have any apparent brain damage. But, life was simpler then.

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