Friday, October 16, 2009

Creative Pursuits

Zachary is becoming quite an artist. When we first started mommy-and-me some five years ago, it was a running joke in class that Zac's artwork was always the best in the class because I always ended up doing the little projects for him; the kid wouldn't touch anything remotely artsy for a few years. Now, he can't get enough.

This is good when it comes to his weekly ceramics class, where his work is far more complex and interesting than the other kids' stuff (I'm not just saying that because I'm biased - he's really good, as you see below). This is not so good when he decides to write all cutesy on his schoolwork - he's a fan of bubble letters, curly-q's, and making his name into letter people. Amusing to Mommy, but not to Miss Shenman.

Below are some examples of his work from just this week.

Medium: clay

Treasure Box with Fitted Sealable Hinged Lid
Media: paper, masking tape, stickers, markers, gumption, moxie

Buck Teeth
Media: masking tape, paper, markers, Missouri lineage

Hallowe'eny House (courtesy of Baba Sybil and Zayda Lew)
Media: foam kit, glue, overbearing mother, memories of our previous house, frightened Halloween face

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kristin.mccown said...

I love the art work. Someday he is going to be famous!